CSharpWars (3)

Implementing a Unity3D Client

My decision to create a 3D environment to visualize the arena and fighting robots made me look into the Unity Game Engine. As a professional .NET backend developer I should never need a game engine, so this is an opportunity to learn something new and challenging. Today, Unity is a very popular tool to create both small and large games. Unity uses the Mono project to offer a choice, next to JavaScript, to use C# as a programming language for its scripting. Because I am a C# developer since the start of .NET, this made my leap into Unity a lot more familiar.

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CSharpWars (2)

Implementing a simple HTTP API and the Scripting Middleware

CSharpWars is not a hardcore game that needs real-time server/client communication, so I opted for a very simple approach of using HTTP APIs for communication between the game front-end and the back-end. The state of the game world will be stored inside a relational database, with entities like Player and Bot, and will only be updated by the processing middleware once every two seconds. The processing middleware takes the scripts from the database, compiles, initializes and later runs them for all robots in parallel. If the game front-end polls the game state once every two seconds, animating the assets between their previous and current state should be sufficient.

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CSharpWars (1)

Forming the Idea

I have been working as a software development consultant and C# and .NET teacher for over 10 years. Developers and students can use some extra fun to awaken their creativity and improve their enthusiasm and spark. In order to make students have some fun while learning and make developers creative while being competitive, I created a simple game that can be scripted using C#. Creating this game was a fun challenge for me because it provided me with the opportunity to learn and experiment with some new technologies. I keep this idea for a scripting game around and alive as a playground to use in schools and on company teambuilding events.

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